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Do you have a door that sticks or just won’t close properly? A sticky door is a very common problem for homeowners. As doors age and the seasons change, they have a tendency to get swollen and stick.

Save yourself the frustration, and check out our tips to fix it:

Closely examine the gaps between the door and the frame, then look for areas where there aren’t any gaps. This will help determine where the issue resides, and where to make adjustments. Are you having a hard time determining where the door is sticking? Run a piece of paper around the door to determine where the door is sticking. Where the paper gets stuck is where your problem area is.

Tighten or loosen hinge screws in both the door and the door jamb. Make these adjustments using a screw driver opposed to a drill. Using a drill increases the likelihood to overtighten the screw and strip the screw holes. If the screws are already stripped replace with 3-inch screws that run through the door jamb into the framing.

If the door is still sticking at the top or bottom, you will need to remove some material, which can be done with a hand plane and sanding. Start by scribing the door where it rubs against the side or top of the jamb. Then remove the door and use a plane or belt sander to remove a majority of the unwanted material. Once you are close to the scribe line use sandpaper to smooth the door’s edge before putting it back up. Test the door again to see if it opens and closes smoothly.