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Changing up your home’s lighting can be an easy and inexpensive way to transform the look of your spaces. If you’re ready for some fresh ideas, here are some enlightening suggestions!

Safety First!

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure ceiling lighting upgrades and other electrical projects are handled with extreme caution. Disconnect the power at the breaker before starting any work. A multimeter is a must when working with electricity as this handy gadget measures how much electricity is running through a wire so you’ll know whether it’s safe to touch, or not.

Consider Which Type of Lighting You Need

There are two primary purposes of lighting to consider:

1. Ambient lighting is used to brighten an entire space. These fixtures should be bright enough to uniformly deliver light throughout the room.

2. Accent lighting is given from fixtures used to highlight small areas or spaces of a room. For example, an accent light can be used to showcase a piece of art, or to light up a reading corner.

Fixtures for Every Ceiling

Whether you’re looking for ambient or accent lighting, these ceiling lighting ideas will work well in most situations:

  • Chandeliers. When you want a rich, luxurious fixture that brings drama to your spaces, chandeliers are second to none. Choose an intricate, complex fixture to be the centerpiece of a large room, or a small and understated model to light up a cozy one.
  • Track Lighting. With so many styles to choose from, modern track lighting is the perfect way to solve for any lighting challenge you need to fix. Choose from smaller fixtures pointed at your favorite pieces or a larger one casting light around the room.
  • Pendant Lighting. Find the perfect pendant for your home’s décor style and add brightness and creativity at the same time. Pendant lights do not always give off a great deal of light so choose one or two as accent pieces, or a long row over the kitchen counters to cook with character.
  • Recessed Lighting. The gold standard in subtle brightness, recessed lighting is installed directly into the ceiling for a minimalist appearance. You’ll need quite a few of these to supply ambient lighting. They also work well when used in combination with other fixtures to get the mix that’s just right for you.
  • Flush Mount. Most commonly circle-shaped, these super simple fixtures are meant to blend into the background rather than make a statement of their own. Use them in areas with low ceilings or in areas where you’re not trying to make a fashion statement (think: hallways).

Accessories Matter

If you’re not ready to jump into an entire fixture replacement, try changing out the bulbs for a new effect. For example, upgrading to LED lights can cut your electric bill over time. On the other hand, the light produced by LED bulbs looks completely different than traditional incandescent bulbs or even CFLs, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Edison bulbs are also gaining popularity again. The classic, antique appearance is sure to be a conversation starter. For a simple upgrade, switch out the shades or try a can of metallic spray paint and give your fixtures an entirely new appearance.

If you’re ready to upgrade your ceiling lighting fixtures or bulbs, but you’re not confident on a ladder or need a professional’s assistance with your residential / commercial repair, maintenance or improvement projects, request service from At Home Experts near you