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How to build a home gym

Sometimes going to the gym can be the downfall of your fitness routine! That’s why more and more people are building home gyms these days. With no need to drive, find parking, deal with crowds or pay a monthly fee–a home gym is the way to go. Wondering how to build a home gym? It’s not that difficult to set up your own gym at home, and At Home Expert is always here to help. Here’s how you can get started.

Building a Home Gym from Scratch

Which spaces are suitable for a gym? You may have the perfect spot for a home gym if you have a(n):
  • Finished or unfinished basement
  • Extra bedroom or guest bedroom
  • Large alcove off the den
  • Not-often-used end of a family room
  • Home office that could serve a dual purpose as your gym
  • Garage area
  • Large walk-in closet
  • Loft space

What is the best flooring for home gyms?

  • There are rubberized floor tiles and flooring options that can be used to cover the floors in your chosen gym room to protect your existing floors from heavy gym equipment and dropped hand weights.
  • Thick, rubberized mats can go under your heavy gym equipment (elliptical machine, stair-stepper or stationary bike, for example) as an extra layer of protection and to mask vibrations.

How do you find wall studs to hang pull-up bars or mirrors?

  • There’s a piece of handyman equipment called a stud finder made just for this purpose. However, often you can find studs by gently banging on the walls with a fist to help identify hollow areas and locate wall studs. Then use a strong magnet to verify the location of drywall screws/nails that secure the walls to studs.

What amenities can I add to make my gym workouts better or more fun?

  • Climate control with standing fans, ceiling fans or consider adding a ducted AC vent in the room.
  • Stereo system for your favorite workout music.
  • Hang a TV using a secure TV mount to binge watch as you work out.
  • Water dispenser/supply for hydration.
  • Paint–have a wall or walls painted an energizing color.
  • Mini fridge or counter space for after-workout smoothies and protein filled snacks.
  • Custom cabinets or shelving to hold workout gear.
  • If you have a window in your chosen exercise room, consider switching out normal glass panes for windows with reflective coating. These can reflect outdoor heat away and shield you from sunlight, while you admire the view during your workout. Some coatings also protect your privacy, making it difficult for passers-by to see into your workout room.