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How to Stage Your House to Sell Faster

Moving is an exciting event, but it can also be extremely stressful. You want to get the best price possible for your home, but in such a competitive real estate market, it can be tough to entice potential buyers. Fortunately, there are plenty of fast and affordable ways to make your home more attractive. By staging your home with some style and design tips, you can increase your “curb appeal” without having to break the bank first. Keep reading for five easy tips on staging a house for sale.

How to Style and Stage Your House to Sell Quickly

Do Some Deep Spring Cleaning

Let’s get the least fun tip out of the way first. If you want to get the best asking price possible, your home needs to look as pristine as possible, and like it or not, that means spring cleaning. Lots of it.

Are there toys, clothes, or cords on the floor? Is the paint on the walls faded or scuffed? Are the sinks stained or rusty? Could the shelves use a dusting? Are there any pet odors, or lingering smells? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you know what to do next.

Remember, your home doesn’t have to look sterile! A personal touch can be inviting, but it does need to feel tidy and fresh.

Broaden Your Home’s Appeal with Neutral Colors & Decor

A “neutral” color is a hue that can be mixed and matched with almost anything. Examples of neutral colors include beige, grey, taupe, white, eggshell, and soft blues or browns.

When it comes to ideas for staging a house for sale, it’s hard to go wrong with neutral colors. Neutral tones showcase the space’s versatility and help to give potential buyers ideas about how they could decorate. Another benefit of neutral tones is that they are unlikely to “turn off” potential buyers, which is a bigger risk with bold colors like red, purple, or orange.

Focus on the Flooring

It’s a major mistake to forget about flooring when staging and styling your home. After all, potential buyers know they can always repaint and redecorate, but they’ll be much less willing to tear out and redo floors that are worn, rotten, scratched, or stained.

Quality, durable flooring is a critical part of your home’s overall value. A home with clean, well-maintained flooring is more likely to sway buyers and get a higher price, especially with certain materials. For example, hardwood flooring tends to increase the sale value of just about any home, when varieties such as oak, cherry, or walnut are used

Show Off Closet & Storage Space

The beauty of storage space is that it appeals to every homebuyer, regardless of their age, family size, lifestyle, or interior design preferences. That means you should showcase the storage space in your home as much as possible, whether it’s a walk-in closet, a breakfast nook, lofted beds, or a cozy alcove under the stairs. Strategically placed accents, like vases of fresh flowers, can help draw the eye to storage areas you want to highlight.

Choose Home Decor Strategically

Remember our advice about choosing colors with broad appeal? The same idea applies to your art and decor. It’s a good idea to remove any objects that are too personal or that might distract buyers, focusing instead on generic decor like flowers, fruit bowls, books, and pillows. Your goal is to make the space feel like their home — not yours.